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Welcome Woori Education & Immigration Group, your gateway to Study, Work, and Immigrate to Canada. Whether you’re a prospective student, a skilled worker looking to advance your career, or an individual seeking to immigrate, we provide comprehensive support and guidance.

Our services range from educational consultation and program search to visa application assistance and settlement support. Discover how we can help you navigate your journey to success in Canada.

Everything an international student needs in Canada!

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Woori Services - Specialist in Canadian Education

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Meet our team of Canadian educational specialists

Meet Lydia Esenam. Initially, she has been in Canada as an international student. Furthermore, Lydia advises and assists students on their education journeys in Canada. In addition, she also serves in the position of International Education Consultant. Moreover, as well as being a Business Development Specialist for Woori Africa, she continuously strives to support international students. Therefore, her role is multifaceted, consequently providing extensive guidance and support.

Why choose Woori?

Engage in studying, working, and immigrating to Canada with Woori’s support.









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Explore studying, working, and settling in Canada with Woori's help

Woori is a space where our students can enjoy cultural days, meetings, and furthermore, look into their future.

Achieve your goals in Canada with Woori

students in Toronto study, work and immigrate canada

Moreover, for instance, Woori Education has been successfully helping international students from all over the world find their way in Canada since 2001.

Additionally, in fact, consequently, many students have benefited from their services. We have international education departments in Europe, as well as Russia, CIS, and Korea. Moreover, we cover Saudi Arabia, China, and India. Additionally, we have departments in Brazil, Indonesia, and Thailand. Furthermore, we are present in Latin America, Japan, and Vietnam. Finally, we also serve Africa and Taiwan.

Moreover, we offer everything you need to study, work, and immigrate to Canada. For instance, we provide language courses (English and French), and furthermore, we assist in the search for programs in public or private colleges.

Additionally, we handle registration at the college. Consequently, we help with the application for study and work permits. Finally, we offer advice throughout the entire process.

Woori Success Stories


Our satisfaction is to see you succeed! Moreover, we know how important it is for you to be sure about choosing the best support for your journey in Canada. Here are some testimonies from students in Canada who were in the same situation.

Additionally, we helped them and are ready to help you!

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Our satisfaction is to see you succeed!
We know how important it is for you to be sure about choosing the best support for your journey in Canada. Here are some testimonies from students in Canada who were in the same situation.
Additionally, we helped them and are ready to help you!

What do people say about us?

Vanessa Rojo
Vanessa Rojo
Mi experiencia con Woori fue simplemente excepcional. Desde el primer día, recibí un trato amable y profesional. Me guiaron de manera integral a lo largo de todo el proceso de estudios en Canadá, respondiendo pacientemente a todas mis preguntas. El equipo de Woori convirtió mi proceso de migración y estudio en una experiencia sin complicaciones, la atención personalizada que me brindaron se adapto a mis necesidades. Adicionalmente, me proporcionaron valiosa ayuda para encontrar las mejores opciones de programas para aprender inglés, lo cual fue fundamental para poder aplicar a un college en Canadá.🇨🇦
naas 310
naas 310
Ringrazio Woori Group per l'eccellente servizio offerto e desidero esprimere un sincero apprezzamento a Ilaria e Caterina per la loro professionalità e dedizione, mi hanno seguito dalla scelta del college fino al ricevimento dello study permit. Tutto questo in tempi velocissimi.
Olivia Yohuno
Olivia Yohuno
Worri Education and immigration helped me get an admission in a college with scholarship without paying anything in return. With the the help of Lydia their rep who made sure everything was a success from the school application to the acceptance letter and offer . Thank you soo much for making my dream come true . You are truly the best .
Aizada Bulabayeva
Aizada Bulabayeva
Хотела бы поблагодарить Woori Education которые проявили профессионализм и эффективность в подготовке к поступлению в языковую школу Канады и в колледж George Brown Canada. Меня сопровождали с начала сбора документов до переезда в Канаду 24/7. Особенно хочу выразить большую благодарность Алеку ❤️ профессионал своего дела! Благодаря Алеку получила 30% скидку на учебу в языковой школе. Мен канадалық тіл мектебіне және Джордж Браун Канада колледжіне түсуге дайындық кезінде кәсібилік пен тиімділік көрсеткен Woori Education компаниясына алғыс айтқым келеді. Құжаттарды жинау басталғаннан бастап Канадаға көшкенге дейін тәулік бойы маган комектерин корсетти. Мен Алекке ерекше алғысымды білдіргім келеді, өз саласының кәсіби маманы! Алектің арқасында мен тіл мектебінде оқуға 30% жеңілдік алдым.
Эмиль Фазульянов
Эмиль Фазульянов
Хочется поблагодарить компанию Woori и в отдельности Алека человека который знает свое дело, отдается полностью процессу, переживает и волнуется за своих клиентов. Благодаря ему я получаю незабываемый опыт в Канаде) I would like to thank the Woori company and, in particular, Alec, a man who knows his business, devotes himself completely to the process, cares and worries about his clients. Thanks to him I get an unforgettable experience in Canada)
yas fil
yas fil
Simply The best I would like to Thank especially * ILARIA* and * CATERINA * The level of Commitment and Availability to provide help is so Remarkable I can't thank them enough ❤️ Graaaaaziie IlARIA Graaaaaziie CATERINA 😀
J Ben
J Ben
This is a great team that help your education aboard in Canada as an agent. I’ll recommend you to come and look into it.
Christine (Chris)
Christine (Chris)
They try their best for their customers. Very honest and great service. Thank you.
Roselin Sogah
Roselin Sogah
I want to thank Woori Education group for helping through my visa process especially Caterina, she is very kind and ready to help and guide me through the school application process and the visa documents process. Thanks to her, I got to trust Woori education group because she always try to answer all my millions questions😅. Thank you very much Caterina for helping me with my process 😘.
Ricardo Jerry Paul
Ricardo Jerry Paul
If you intend to come to Canada to study, I recommend you contact them. They follow you from start to finish, are always available and the services for enrollment in studies and consultancy are free, which other agencies do not do. I found what I was looking for and I must say that it is an excellent agency with honest prices, the staff is very kind, prepared and above all it is always available. Thank you very much to all the staff but above all to Caterina who made me start the path and thanks to Cynthia who followed me step by step

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georgian college in canada

Georgian College

Additionally, Georgian College welcomes students from 86 countries who, in addition, speak more than 52 languages. Graduate with a diploma, degree, or certificate and land having the job of your dreams. Gain specialized skills through Georgian’s graduate certificate programs.

Woori Education will help you apply for the best study program at Georgian College for your future career path.