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If you want to study in Canada as an International Student, and your first language is not English, you’ll need to prove your proficiency in the English language, whether you are applying for a Public, Private College, or University.

This requirement is the scariest for most students as they are not sure whether to have the requested English level to get acceptance through IELTS Academic certification or TOEFL. But what if there is another way to get acceptance without taking the IELTS?

The University Pathway Program (UPP) is an English preparation program that is offered by many English schools around Canada. This program allows the student to get acceptance to colleges without taking IELTS certification. But why it’s advantageous taking the Pathway instead of IELTS?

1. The UPP has a more academic-specific preparation. It is focused on developing skills you’ll need during your studies at college. If IELTS is centered just on passing the test and getting the score to enter college, the Pathway gives you a widened preparation to understand the Canadian education system, such as note-taking skills, academic research, presentation skills, essay writing, and much more!

2. Some English schools give the option to attend the course both in person in Canada and online from your home country. With the online option, you can start the course whenever you want and follow the classes at your preferred time, based on your work schedule. This allows you to get the certification even before coming to Canada.
3. No need to take a final test. Once you finish the course, the English School issues the letter of Pathway completion which states you reach the required English score to get acceptance to the desired college. This letter will be enough, and you won’t need to take another English certification to assess your English level.
4. You can get a conditional letter of acceptance from the college, before finishing the program. Some program allows you to enroll in your desired program without having the English certification but showing the letter of enrollment in UPP from a partner English school. You can secure your seat at the college in advance. Just one condition: at the end of the UPP, you’ll need to submit to the college the letter of completion of the program and the transcripts.

The UPP doesn’t have a specific length. If you feel that you need more time to improve your English or want to be more prepared to face college, you can take your time and extend the course as much as you want.

It’s important to know that before enrolling in a UPP, it’s necessary to check the English school partners of the college of your choice. To apply for a UPP, you just need your passport and take an entry level English test to attest your starting level and have an idea of the length of your program.

The UPP is a perfect preparation to start your college journey in Canada and will make you feel more prepared to face up to college challenges.

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