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in Canada

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is:

“But is it possible to study and work in Canada?” The answer is: absolutely YES!

In Canada there are work-study programs that give international students the opportunity to study and work at the same time.

These programs are offered by several Canadian Private Colleges and are designed for people aged 18 and over, who aim to:

  • Undertake study and work experience abroad
  • Improve your English
  • Acquire new skills
  • Maintain yourself during your school career

Programs in Private Colleges in Canada give students the opportunity to prepare for the world of work and acquire skills necessary for their future job position. For this reason, these programs are made up of 50% of an academic part during which you study and work part-time and 50% of a working part, i.e. the Co-op during which it is possible to work full time.

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What is the Co-op?

By Co-op, we mean a period of work, carried out in a Canadian company, in a position related to your study program, an internship. In this way, students will be able to put into practice what they have learned during the previous months. During this period, students will be able to work full-time for a duration equivalent to the academic one, in order to gain practical experience.

Completing the Co-op is essential in order to graduate and finish the program.

Every college has a Co-op department which helps every single student to get the job to complete the work part. They help students from creating a CV in Canadian format, to optimizing their LinkedIn profile, to preparing for an interview, up to obtaining the job.

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What are the advantages of Private Colleges?

Affordable tuition

Private colleges are cheaper than public colleges. Costs start at $5,000 CAD per year.

Access requirements

You simply need to show your high school diploma and pass a free English test, offered by the school itself. The minimum level required depends on the study program chosen.

Get a Canadian diploma

Studying in Canada will help you develop the skills you need to succeed in the world of work and gain study-work experience abroad. You will obtain a certification that you can include on your CV!

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