High School in Canada

One of the most enriching experiences for your kids will be studying High School in Canada. High-quality education in a multicultural environment where your kids can also learn a second language such as English and/or French, and enjoy all the recreational, sports, artistic, musical, gastronomic and more.

Canada is known for its excellent reputation around the world in terms of quality of education, safety, and multicultural environment. Canadian culture is diverse, friendly, welcoming, with a history of immigration and settlement that makes it empathetic to international students. High School in Canada for your kids will be the best environment where they can surround theirselves with Canadian teenagers, they often rank among the best in the world on international tests in reading, science and mathematics, a testament to the excellent quality of the education system.

High School in Canada for your kids

Here is a basic guide on how to start:

Choose your destination

Depending on your interests you can choose between a small city or a big city like Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver. Canada being a bilingual country, offers the option to study in English or French.

Public or private school

Both options are open to international students in Canada, and both offer a high-level education.

High school enrolment process

Your Advisor will process your registration  and will provide you with information such as dates when the school year starts and ends, schedules, types of accommodations, insurances, etc. Your educational consultant will be your link to the institution.

Tuition payment

Once you have completed the enrollment process and obtained a letter of acceptance (LOA) from a Canadian school, the next step is to pay the tuition fee. This point is crucial as this document will be fundamental in your visa process.

Study Permit Application

A certified immigration consultant will help you process all your documents, submit your application, and keep you posted during the process.

Purchase your flight tickets

Once you have obtained your study permit, buy your tickets to come to Canada and get ready to live one of the most important experiences of your life.

Our Canadian High School Partners

High Schools in Ontario

  • UMC – Upper Madison Canada
  • UIS – Urban International School
  • Royal Crown Academy
  • Century Private School
  • Upper Canada International

High Schools in British Columbia

  • Surrey Christian School
  • Burnaby School District