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Ontario’s One Fare Program

Ontario’s One Fare Program has expanded to include the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). This is indeed some good news for all International students because they will eventually end up saving much for their transportation budget.

When you use PRESTO to transfer between transit agencies, you will be charged only one fare: either your first local fare or your GO Transit fare.

We’re making it easier and more affordable to choose transit first!

Ontario’s One Fare Program video   

How ‘One Fare’ Works

Ontario’s One Fare Program has expanded to include the TTC. When you use PRESTO to travel between 2 or more connecting transit agencies, you’ll save money! Here are some important things to remember. 

First Tap at Full Fare

You will be charged a full fare for the first part of your trip. Once you tap to transfer to a participating transit agency, your discount will be applied.

Second Fare Discounted

Your discount will be applied when you tap to transfer to a participating connecting transit agency. It may be a free transfer, or a discounted fare depending on which agency you are traveling with.

Transfer Window

Your transfer window will start the first time you tap. If you transfer to GO Transit during your trip, your transfer window will reset when you tap at a GO station or on a GO bus.

Additional Information

  • The One Fare Program applies when you pay your fare with a physical PRESTO card, PRESTO in Google Wallet, or with a contactless credit or debit card. It does not apply for cash fare or ticket products. You must use the same card throughout your entire trip.
  • PRESTO cards with a monthly pass are eligible for One Fare local transfers. However if you start your trip on a transit agency that you already have a pass for, and then transfer to GO Transit, your GO fare will not be discounted.
  • To get your free transfer when transferring at a TTC subway station, make sure your PRESTO card balance is higher than $0.00.
  • All fare types (e.g. child, youth, senior) are eligible for the One Fare program.

What the One Fare Programs Means For You

Here are some examples of how One Fare will save you money.

  1. Transfers when connecting from TTC to a participating transit agency
  2. One Fare saves you the cost of the local transit fare* when connecting via GO Transit
  3. Transfers when travelling between 2 or more connecting transit agencies

Participating Transit Agencies

When you use PRESTO, you will get a free transfer between these transit agencies. Or you will receive a transfer discount when transferring from local transit to GO Transit. UP Express is not eligible under the One Fare Program.

For more information check out details on Presto Website

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