Why choose a Canadian agency for international students?

canadian agency

When thinking about studying or emigrating to Canada, the first question is: Where can I start?

Thanks to the internet we have a limitless resource, however that part can also be confusing, we can find a thousand of opportunities a lot of people giving their opinions, at the end sometimes it can be overwhelming because how we can know what is the best process according to our profile and expectations?

At this point is when we come to the conclusion that we need personalized advice, it is  important to find expert professionals in the subject of studies in Canada, whether the plan is to travel for a while or apply for permanent residence in the future, it is a decision that constitutes a life project and for this reason, it is best to know that we are making a decision with the help of experienced people, people who are going to make this process a little clearer and who are always looking for what it’s better for us as students,

Finding an agency is not an easy task, since due to the high demand of people who want to come to Canada, there are more and more agencies or consultants that promise to help us to fulfill this dream. But how do we know that we are making the best choice?

Here are our recommendations:

– Choose a Canadian agency: 

Yes, this part is essential, at this point it must be taken into account that although there are agencies around the world, if we are thinking of Canada, what better than choosing an agency that is within the country, this goes to allow them to know first-hand all the information regarding immigration, they have knowledge about the different cities and towns, what life is really like in the country and based on a real experience we will be able to obtain more objective advice

– Variety of schools and partners within the country: 

One of the great advantages is that agencies within the country have more partners, many more options for students, normally when the agencies are oversees, they work with a limited number of schools, which allows us to often have to decide on a school that we may not like so much, with local agencies we can have more options.

– Recommendations based on experience: 

Local agencies can go in person to the different schools, we consider that this is a huge advantage since we can ask specific questions about the facilities of the schools, as well ask questions regarding location and transportation

– Updated information on immigration policies: 

Last but not least, we must talk about the importance of updated advice on immigration policies, many times there is confusion about the processes, exceptions, necessary documentation and others. That is why finding an agency that has an immigration department which is certified within Canada, with the knowledge of what is the best way to carry out these processes will be the key to fulfilling the dream of traveling. It is essential be confident that our application is managed by professionals who are doing their best to make our process successful.

Given our experience, the most important starting point is that the student can feel confident in the process that he is doing, it is to know that given all the options he was able to choose the best one,

If you are thinking of coming to Canada, always remember that Woori Education is always on your side, we can’t wait to help you achieve your dreams of studying in Canada.

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