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We advise students in choosing English, French, undergraduate or postgraduate courses, College or University that best suits the needs of students, we take care of all the bureaucratic part of institutions, schedule English tests, assist in applications for Study Permit and collaborate in all aspects to facilitate the student's entry into the institutions. Best of all, at no additional cost to our customer.

Would you like to immigrate to Canada?

We are expert in the subject and can help you a lot in this process.

There are several immigration programs for Canada, both national and provincial, and our team of consultants is authorized by the Canadian government to work with these processes. We ensure the assistance of specialized professionals who will increase the likelihood of a favorable response from the Canadian government to immigration proceedings.

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We offer everything you may need to arrange your trip to Canada and during your experience here!

Courses applications

We provide a full evaluation on the application for courses, and most important, at no additional cost!

Visa extensions

Our experienced staff takes care of extensions with reliability and safety for students.

Immigration consultancy

Personalized and individualized service by specialized and experienced consultants.

VIP Metropass

We offer a TTC (Toronto Integrated Transportation System) monthly pass with discount.


Excellent option of housing for students abroad, we have homestays with unbeatable prices.

Seminars and Events

We periodically organize meetings to help our students here in Canada.

Airport pick-up

One of our agents waits for you at the airport and drives you to your lodging location.

Health Insurance

We have special health insurance prices, assuring medical care throughout Canada.


Education, immigration, visas, lifestyle, climate, culture, sports, maple syrup, hockey, mooses, how to do? This is our place to tell you all about Canada! Come in and feel free.

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Woori Education Group is a Canadian company founded in 2000 based in Toronto. For 17 years Woori has provided services for international students who are in Canada or want to come to study here.

We are proud to be pioneers in the international student education market in Canada. Since the beginning of our activities, Woori has helped more than 25,000 international students to achieve their goals and achieve their dreams in Canada.

The word Woori means "Our" in Korean. Placing the word Education next, the meaning of our name is revealed: Our Education. And also Nossa Educação, Nuestra Educación, Nostra Educazione, Наше образование, наша освіта, 我们的教育, 私たちの教育, Giáo dục của chúng tôi, in some of the 16 languages of which we are fluent and offer service.

We are driven by our passion for education, which is why we help people realize their dreams. We have the privilege of helping people realize life-transforming projects in this land of opportunities that is Canada.

The story of Woori is like a story of so many Canadian immigrants. It began with the dream of an immigrant, who was an international student. Based on his own experience, he began to help his friends by giving advice on education and visas. His reputation grew and he became known among international students. At the same time, as schools begin to recognize their talent in attracting people, their knowledge of education, and their skills in counseling them. While his work became more and more known among students, as educational institutions, in recognition, open it as doors to the production of real estate.

In 2000, he decided it was time to turn his hobby into the business. This is how Woori Education was born. Lots of news, and scholastic work from talented people, a social education grew and became a major non-Canada education agency.

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